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Best diet for Alzheimer's disease | How to prevent Alzhimer's disease.

Scientists have found out a promising diet which is helpful in effectively preventing Alzheimer’s disease  by 50 percentage. This diet is called as Mind diet which was developed by RUSH university scientists. Free radicals are generated normally as the brain function. These are harmful substances to the brain. Mind diet reduces the amount of free radicals and thus prevents brain from the damaging chemical products.

Alzheimer's disease is one of the commonest neurological diseases of the old age. Certain preventive measures can be taken to get rid of the risk of developing alzheimer's. Here is a certain food plan to do the same.

10 food to be included in the diet 

This diet consists of 10 food items which are to be included regularly in the diet plan.
      ·      green leafy vegetables
·      other vegetables
·      nuts
·      beans
·      berries
·      poultry
·      whole grains
·      olive oil
·      fish
·      wine

5 foods to not recommended

·      butter and Margarine
·      red meat
·      cheese
·      sugar and pastries
·      fast food

Fruits and Vegetables - what they do?
Green leafy vegetables help in maintaining a healthy mind. Lutein, Vitamin k, folate those are all nutrients shown important to the brain. Berries especially blue berries reduce the number of dying neurons. and protect brain plenty of anti oxidants. Whole grains are very good source of vitamin E, folate and fibre. Those nutrients are found to protect the brain.

How much red wine to be taken to prevent the brain?

Red wine is found to be effective in reducing the speed of ageing of brain. Studies have shown that people who consumes wine in a moderate amount has shown a slower pace of cognitive decline as compared to those who do not consume at all. The recommended amount of intake is 1 glass/day for women and 2 glass per day for men. Obviously the excess intake is not good for the brain as well as other organs in the body.

Why No Red Meat But Poultry in the menu?

Red meat is the primary sources of saturated fat where as poultry is low in that. No more than 3 servings per week. Low in unsaturated fat. Too much of red meat causes instability to the blood brain barrier and allows dangerous chemicals to enter the brain and prevent good things to enter the brain.

I am a cheese lover. What to do now?

Cheese is to be limited in the diet as it consists of plenty of saturated fat. Don't worry. Researches have advised that low fat varieties of cheese can be taken instead.

People who stick to it even moderately has shown significantly low risk of alzheimer's disease. So try to follow this for a helathy brain.

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