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Elon Musk Brain Chip Will It WORK? 4 Big Issues

In 2019 July Elon Reeve Musk founder of Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink unveiled the Elon Musk brain chip. The Neuralink’s brain chip is a BRAIN MACHINE INTERFACE. It is  supposed to connect human brain directly to the computer system. At the live presentation musk said “A monkey has been able to control a computer with his brain using the new chip”. This suggests that there is a model in the animal has already been a success.
Neuralink brain microchip for creating brain computer interface
Neuralink is an American neurotechnology company which was started in 2016. From the time of launch the companies work had remained secret. An article was published by them in 2019 revealed their plan of implanting hundreds of small electrodes into the brain to facilitate the computer brain communication. They are working on a sewing machine like device which is capable of implanting small electrodes into targeted areas in the brain without a major neurosurgical operation. This can be done only by robotic guidance to avoid damage to major blood vessels and other important tiny structures in the human brain. In a presentation at California Academy of sciences they proposed a system with around 3072 electrodes there are distributed across 96 threats. Each electrode is of length 4 to 6 micro meter in width. They also proposed an idea of an external module which connects to the electrodes wirelessly from outside the skull.
Neuralink company is planning to start human trial in 2020. They claim that they have already built a neurosurgical robot capable of inserting six threads (192 electrodes) per minute.

Elon Musk Brain Chip – How it helps the patients?

This new technology can help patients suffering from neuro developmental disorders like autism and also people from people survive from severe traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries. If it happens it will be a boon to the quadriplegic and paraplegic patients.
This device works as a treatment options for people with damaged neural structures. However it has unlimited potentials.  It can be used for making human brain think like a supercomputer. In other words, the future goal will be creating a symbiosis of artificial intelligence and human native intelligence. And that will give birth to “SUPER HUMANS“.
According to Musk “ success is not too far”.
Neuralink brain chip for connecting brain to internet, making human brain into a super computer

What are the problems Elon Musk will face in creating the brain microchip?

It is not very easy to make the new chip work as we think.

1.Create Implantation Robot

First of all we have to create a new device which can implant thousands of electrodes into the human brain. Currently there is no such device even though Neuralink claims that it has developed.
Then how was the surgeons Implant Brain chips For Parkinson’s disease patients? Patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease undergoes major neurosurgical operation under the guidance of stereotactic frame which helps the surgeon to target a particular area in the brain. This surgical procedure lasts for few hours usually for implanting 1-2 electrodes. In such case if we are planning to thousands of electrodes it will take few few days to weeks. So it is not possible to use the current stereotactic or neuro navigation devices for implanting the new threads in the microchip. So a complex robotic system has to be actually developed for this procedure.
According to the company implantation process should be something like LASIK eye surgery unlike the conventional neurosurgical operations. They are finding out ways of making hole in the skull using laser. This enables to make tiny holes for passing the fine electrodes. But according to the reports the first human trials will not be a smooth one like LASIK surgery. However as the technology advances, more sophisticated robotic system will take over this complex process. They are making these electrodes into flexible threads so that the damage to the brain can be minimized.

2. Neurotransmitter mechanism is more complex

Complex neurotransmitter mechanism makes the brain machine interface even more complex
The neurotransmitter mechanism in the brain is so complex that it’s not discovered fully by the researchers. The system has to learn the normal response of the human brain and its biochemical functioning before anything. This may cause a lag in the development.

3. Need high bandwidth connection

Another problem Is creating high bandwidth for seamless transmission of information directly from the brain back to the artificial intelligence system. Advanced electrodes with Giga/Tera byte speed may be needed for a smooth communication.

4. Need a wireless system

Currently they are working on rat brain to make a stable platform first. The current chip system is able to connect via wired connection like USB type C and the wireless system is still under research.
Wireless system is named as “N1 sensor” and is supposed to link the electrode inside the brain with the external receiving system. There will be a total of 4 electrodes, 3 in the motor area and 1 in the sensory area in the brain. There will be an external device mounted behind the year which will be consisting of a battery giving power to the internal electrodes wirelessly.

 How Elon Musk Brain Chip will alter human’s life?

Can humans make transform human brain into supercomputer? Neuralink company is designing brain chip to make it happen.
Just think of one situation
You want to know the population of united states of America. For that you take your phone in hand and type the query which may take a few second and then you get the right answer. The answer will be seen by your eyes and this goes into the brain and further analysis happens there.  In BMI brain is directly connected to the AI system. The moment you think of this question system searches the result and gives you the result. This is just like remembering things which are stored in your brain disturb. Believe me this is amazingly fast. This artificial connection that passes the time to taken for typing and analyzing the visual input.
This system not only helps in finding out some facts from the internet.
Think of another situation. You are walking through the street and you are getting directions directly from the AI without Google maps. You feel that you know the roads pretty well, just like you had a previous travel through the same path.
Another extreme condition is recognizing unknown people just by looking at the. You can even say their name and profile. This is thousand times efficient than the human brain’s power even if it is used 100 percent
In total this BMI makes your brain connected directly to the whole internet and this gives unlimited potential to the human brain.

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