Friday, May 1, 2020

What will happen if you use hundred percentage of your brain?

We have heard this question many times. 

Normally humans need only 10 percentage of our brain’s potential? The rest of our cognitive potential goes untouched? There is a myth that this non-usage of 90 percentage of the brain is because it consist of glial cells which are the supportive cells of the neurons. But scientists have ruled out this myth. It is possible that humans can access hundred percentage capacity of their brain but it doesn't happen all the time. Brain is a very powerful organ which consumes about 25 percentage of the total oxygen human body use. It is very important to preserve the efficiency without the brain cells getting exhausted. In order to prevent the wastage of resources, brain tends to localise certain functions in certain areas of the brain. It also makes new neural connections and pathways for routine activities and other learned activities. So routine things we do everyday do not require the whole brain to function. Only certain areas or certain pathways are stimulated which were already created in the neural network system.

Researchers have shown that about 65 percentage of the school teachers in USA believe that they use only 10 percentage of brain potential. In Europe about 50 percentage of similar cohort believe the same. But unfortunately this belief seems to be unreal. We cannot become super heroes by using hundred percentage of our brains Power.

So it is a myth that we are not using the full potential of our brain. The recent imaging techniques like functional MRI shows that there is activity in all areas in the brain at one point or another. All the areas doesn't function at the same time and that is not required also. Because humans do not work in that way and that is not needed too. The brain learns each activity and it doesn’t need the full system for performing a particular task.

There are of course silent areas in the brain which carry out minor functions like for example - enjoying music, Which may not be useful or evident If you’re not a music lover.  If it is only 10 percentage of the brain which functions then definitely the undamaged areas in the brain can take over the functions after a traumatic brain injury. Even though neuro plasticity occurs it doesn’t make the patient fully normal after a severe brain injury.

There are certain chemicals and foods which increase our concentration and memory. For example 'caffeine' in the coffee improves the alertness and concentration. There is a particular diet called "MIND DIET" which has shown to be effective in preventing Alzheimer's disease. But this food habits alone can't help the brain to function beyond the required threshold.

What is the best thing to improve the brain function? 

The best thing is READING. Reading gives the brain new knowledge and makes him think and this gives boost to the brain. Brain will develop new connection and reorganize the neural networks when you learn new stuff. What about doing arithmetic problems? yes it can prevent the cognitive decline which happens as you age. 


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