Sunday, June 7, 2020

Does corona virus (Covid 19) affects brain?

The corona virus pandemic which has hit the world in the start of 2020 has become one of the great disasters mankind has ever seen. There’s are a number off questions arises regarding the neurological aspect in the event of Covid 19 pandemic.

Does corona virus causes increases risk of stroke, seizure, brain swelling or confusions state?

 corona virus causes increases risk of stroke, seizure, brain swelling or confusionsMost of the corona positive patients does not show any signs other than respiratory system dysfunction. But there are some reports off late that a very small subset of patients exhibit symptoms related to neurological complications more commonly as a confused state. Till now there are no reliable reports saying that Covid 19 virus infection increases the chance of stroke.
The confusions state can occur in the event of hypoxia where brain tissues undergoes ischemic changes and ultimately they die. Another explanation is the possibility of acute necrotising encephalopathy which occur in some severe case of influenza infections. Encephalitis can cause the acute deterioration in the consciousness, seizures etc. We are yet to know more details regarding the Covid 19 virus behaviour in the central nervous system.
The good news is that majority of the Covid 19 patients are normal neurologically. They remain on normal consciousness till their last breath. Even if there is a significant relationship between the virus behaviour and the concurrent CNS damages it should be very less.


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