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What is concussion injury of brain?

Concussion of the brain is the most common type of traumatic brain injury and it is the least dangerous type of traumatic brain injury. Around 90 percent of the concussion injury goes unnoticed. Concussion of the brain is defined as a transient loss of consciousness which lasts for seconds or minutes which starts immediately after a head injury associated with anterograde or retrograde amnesia and no visible injuries on CT or MRI scan. In retrograde amnesia person will have a period of memory loss for the events happened immediately before the injury.

How does concussion happen?

Traumatic brain injury concussion
Normally our brain is well protected in the skull in a fluid filled cavity. In a head injury the brain is subjected to a sudden thrust. This force causes alterations in the normal physiological functions of the neurons. As the injury is at the neuronal level it is not seen in routine CT or MRI brain scans.

What are the symptoms of concussion?

The common symptoms of concussion are the following
·      Transient loss of consciousness
·      Confusion
·      Headache
·      Nausea and vomiting
·      Anterograde or retrograde amnesia
·      Dizziness
·      Concentration difficulties
·      Irritability

What are the types of concussion injury?

Concussion of the brain is graded by American Academy of Neurology into three categories depending upon the severity.
Grade 1- mild concussion – confusion, symptoms lasts for less than 15 minutes with no loss of consciousness.
Grade 2- moderate concussion – symptoms lasts for more than 15 minutes with no loss of consciousness.
Grade 3- severe concussion – loss of consciousness present

What is treatment for concussion?

Treatment for concussion injury is to take plenty of rest with symptomatic medications for headache, vomiting etc. Usually the symptoms subside on its own. Some patients will develop Post Concussion Syndrome also.

Whether children can get concussion injury?

Definitely Yes, Young children have comparatively bigger head to body ratio and hence fall injuries can cause concussion in children.

What to do to rule out Concussion after a head injury?

Seek medical attention as early as possible. They will evaluate for traumatic brain injury and if necessary imaging of the brain.

How to prevent concussion injury?

Traumatic brain injury concussion

By wearing helmet and other face and head protective equipment while driving and engaging in adventurous sports we can avoid traumatic brain injuries to an extent. Helmet protects from the transmission of high power external forces directly into the skull.

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